"The NHS will last as long as there are folk left with the faith to fight for it"
Aneurin Bevan

Sunday, 6 June 2010

Get Ready For the Privatisation of the NHS

Of course it had been planned for years. In fact, right from when Cameron was elected leader of the Conservatives: the NHS will be privatised.

Cameron declared when he was first elected as leader of the Conservatives that he wanted to cut the size of the state and bring in private involvement into public services. Then, before the public could recognise the full consequences, Cameron turned all "hug-a-hoodie" and "hug-a-husky" and the Press got deflected away from scrutinising his plans.

Now we will see what those plans will be, and a lot of people will feel cheated after the last election. You can see him building up to the worse. At the moment Cameron's team are telling the Press that "it is all Labour's fault" and saying that the economic situation is more worse than it is. (Remember that the independent ONS have already said that the economy is growing faster than they estimated before; remember that we borrowed far less in April than was planned; remember that the OECD says that the UK will have the highest growth in the EU?) Cameron will use this made up economic excuse to justify doing something that he has always wanted to do, but knew that the public would never allow. That is privatise what currently takes one sixth of the government's spending: the NHS.

Look at this coded message that he will give tomorrow (as reported by The Guardian):

Cameron will say: "How we deal with these things will affect our economy, our society – indeed our whole way of life. The decisions we make will effect every single person in our country. And the effects of those decisions will stay with us for years, perhaps decades to come."

The one service that affects all of us sometime in our lives is the NHS.

Ministers will be expected to ask searching questions about which services the government should provide and to find new ways of making services more efficient.

Searching questions? Oh really? Lansley has already decided what he wants to do, and his close ties with the private healthcare companies have given him the solution that he wants to apply.

The former BP boss Lord Browne is being lined up to be a "super director" with the job of inserting private sector business practices into the heart of government.

So there is the main clue thrown out by Cameron: Lord Browse will be the Privatisation Czar.

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