"The NHS will last as long as there are folk left with the faith to fight for it"
Aneurin Bevan

Tuesday, 5 October 2010

RCN Reaction to the White Paper

Roy Lilley explains very well the RCN response to the NHS White paper:
The reforms pose a significant risk to the NHS. Carter says; 'The NHS is not broken' and concludes this is a fix that is destabilising, untested and likely to lead to unacceptable variations in care. The RCN speak of a 'highly ambitious timescale'. Very gentlemanly. I think they really mean 'stupid head-long rush'.
The BMA, RCN, Unison, Unite and the RCGP are all against the White Paper, surely this is the end of this policy to break apart this cherished national service? No. There are still some people in favour. The National Association of Primary Care have been cheerleaders for Lansley right from the beginning. In fact they even use the same "vested interests" argument that Cameron uses. They appear out of kilter with the rest of the healthcare professionals, and marginalised. However, Lansley has already (and deceitfully) claimed that he had been met with ‘more enthusiasm than expected’ from GPs which clearly means those few GPs who are members of NAPC. You can bet that Lansley and Cameron will try to claim that the NAPC "represent" GP views rather than the BMA or RCGP.

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