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Aneurin Bevan

Friday, 13 May 2011

Private Healthcare Touts For Business

My local freebee newspaper has this advert for a local private hospital:

It says:
"with increasing NHS cutbacks and fewer operations being available, if you are struggling to get the treatment you need and you don't have private insurance, another option is to go private and pay for treatment yourself".

Remember "I'll cut the deficit; not the NHS"? BMI didn't get that message.

Here is the price list they give, compared to the national tariff (the payment NHS hospitals receive).

ProcedureBMI PriceNHS National TariffNotes
Cataract£1,900£741Phacoemulsification cataract extraction and lens implant
Hip Replacement£8,500£5,522Major, non-trauma, category 2, without CC
Varicose Veins Unilateral£2,200£1,098Primary Unilateral Varicose Vein without CC
Inguinal Hernia£1,900£1,205Inguinal Umbilical or Femoral Hernia Repairs 19 years and over without CC

It is interesting that one of the local PCTs (NHS Warwickshire) has been operating a Stop-Slow-Go policy since last October. The items on this price list are either on the Stop list (varicose veins) or on the Slow list.

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  1. "BMI didn't get that message."

    The fact that an ad for a private health company is telling people the NHS isn't great is hardly an unbiased analysis.