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Saturday, 7 August 2010

More on NHS Privatisation

The government is now looking at privatising NHS Professionals the agency that provides temporary staff. So if your local hospital needs extra staff to cover sickness cover for its staff they usually look to NHS Professionals first. The organisation currently manages 50,000 staff who provide two million shifts a year. According to Karen jennings of Unison:

Ms Jennings said the move risked undermining the original purpose of NHS Professionals - "because private agencies were ripping off hospitals by charging them outrageous fees for recruiting or finding staff for shifts".
She added: "It makes no sense at all to bring back private companies who will want their slice of the action in return. This proposal is purely about Tory plans to promote privatisation and hive off parts of the NHS to private companies, regardless of the consequences on patient care."
At the moment the government wholly owns NHS Professionals and since the current Conservative government regards the organisation "as a business, not an agency" it is ripe for privatisation and so they are investigating into ways that private companies can "invest" in the organisation. The result, as ever, will be higher costs to pay for profits. Money that should be going into healthcare will nbe paying dividends for shareholders.

However, the plan may be illegal. A website, chiefofficers.net, that says that it is "written by senior business people, for senior business people", ie people who are in favour of privatisation, says:

"[a] question arises as to whether this is a lawful activity under securities laws [governing the public sector in Europe]. The general principle is that it is illegal to seek investment in a company except in very limited circumstances. A public offering that does not fall within those exceptions will often result in serious penalty for those who are convicted of the various offences related to the conduct."

It shows the incompetence of this Conservative government when a website like this is saying that they are privatising in a way that is illegal.

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