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Aneurin Bevan

Wednesday, 25 August 2010

NHS Alliance: White Paper is about closing hospitals

It is true, GPs reckon that the White paper will give them an opportunity to take work off hospitals. I have said before that Lansley hates NHS hospitals Dr Donal Hynes, co-vice chair of the NHS Alliance, has confirmed that the intention of the White paper is to take services away from hospitals (quoted in Pulse):
'The critical issue facing the NHS is delivery of service improvement within budgetary restraint. To achieve this, GP consortiums will need to have community services aligned with primary care services so as to facilitate the transfer of work from acute hospitals. ... It is not only contrary to the direction of the White Paper but also will potentially provide a serious impediment to its implementation.
 If you "transfer work from acute hospitals" then it means the hospitals will have no income, hence they will close. Dr Hynes proves that Commissar Lansley hates hospitals.

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