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Aneurin Bevan

Tuesday, 21 September 2010

GPs are Revolting!

Pulse report that "the BMA is riven with divisions over how to respond to the white paper" and there they have been unable to come to a consensus. Further, Pulse says:

The GPC will say it backs plans to put GPs in the driving seat on commissioning but will demand answers to a set of outstanding concerns, including:
  • lack of detail about managerial support for GP consortia
  • GP consortia being saddled with debts from failing PCTs
  • GPs being locked into long-term deals with private firms, including PFI agreements.
Further Pulse reports that Dr Jane Lothian, secretary of Northumberland LMC, said GPs were torn.

'In terms of concept, we are extremely positive. The thing we are concerned about is the destruction of SHAs and PCTs. As much as we love to spar with them, everybody has work-ed very hard to get the system working. We’re very concerned organisational memory will go.'

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