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Aneurin Bevan

Friday, 17 September 2010

NHS Maternity Services

The obvious place to co-ordinate maternity services is GPs. That's obvious, so obvious that you probably feel insulted that I even thought to mention it.

However, Commissar Lansley, showing that he is completely clueless about healthcare, decided that commissioning for maternity services should rest with the super quango, the NHS Commissioning Board. Bizarre!

Actually, it is "outrageous" as one exasperated GP exclaimed at a recent GP meeting (reported by Pulse). Perhaps the Prime Minister might have a re-think, considering his recent change of circumsstances, and clearly the Department of Health think it is bonkers:
"A DH representative said it would take on board all feedback from delegates, and hinted at a possible U-turn. ‘A lot of people struggle to see how this fits with the general philosophy,’ he admitted. "

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