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Aneurin Bevan

Tuesday, 28 September 2010

NHS Alliance says timetable is unrealistic

Pulse report that the majority of their members support the concept of GP commissioning, but not the timetable suggested by Lansley:
A survey of more than 200 GPs, PCT managers and practice managers – due to form a key part of the alliance’s response to the consultation on the health white paper - found 78% of them backed GP consortia taking over commissioning responsibility, with only 16% disagreeing.

But only 35% of respondents believed health secretary Andrew Lansley’s timeline was achievable, with more than 54% of those who took part saying they believed the handover from PCTs would take longer to achieve than the planned date of 2013.
The timetable is significant because the changes will be a huge upheaval and will result in the closure of some GP practices and hospitals. Lansley is desperate to get the changes made as soon as possible so that they are irreversible and to give the new healthcare market a chance to settle down before the planned 2015 election. If the timetable is lengthened then there is a danger that the election will occur at the height of the upheaval and the public will "reward" the Conservatives accordingly.

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