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Wednesday, 13 July 2011

A poor show from Miliband

It was a poor show from Ed Miliband at Prime Minister's Questions today. The last few weeks should have been clear to Miliband that when you press the Prime Minister on details he falls to pieces and then starts saying things that he wished he hadn't. Today the schedule was clear: the Prime Minister would make a lengthy statement on the BSkyB takeover and there would be a debate, then later in the afternoon there would be an opposition day debate on the BSkyB takeover. Clearly Cameron would be well briefed on the BSkyB takeover. So what did Miliband choose to ask at PMQs? Yes, the BSkyB takeover!

There was also an orchestrated attempt by Labour MPs to only ask questions on the BSkyB takeover (or Murdoch). From a political point of view this was a daft approach because all it resulted in was a repeat of the same replies. If I had been Miliband I would have asked:
Will the Prime Minister apologise for insulting all the GPs in this country when he suggested that they are corrupt by implying that the only way that patients can get emergency treatment is if they have dined with their GP?
The Open Public Services white paper is a threat to our public services, and it deserved a mention today. Five questions targeted at the details of this policy would have wrong footed Cameron and highlighted the danger of this policy to the public. Today was a wasted opportunity from Ed Miliband.

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