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Aneurin Bevan

Monday, 27 August 2012

Cutting Red Tape

Whenever people talk about "red tape" I always wonder whether it is just an excuse for their own inadequacies: "we could not achieve the required outcomes because all of the red tape held us back". Not that I am justifying excessive bureaucracy, I am just questioning whether in some cases "red tape" is not the problem. So here's a suggestion to find out if this is the case.

I suggest that a website should be set up so that every time a public employee thinks that red tape is hindering their delivery of a service, they can go to the website and identify the regulation that is hindering them and give sufficient details to "explain" why they disapprove of it. There would be a committee (or probably, several committees) to go through each month's results and if the committee decides that the regulation is more of a hindrance than a benefit they will put a recommendation to Parliament to change the law. If the committee decide that there is a more important reason for the regulation they should contact the original complainant and explain the decision.

This way we can solve two issues: firstly we can (albeit slowly) remove unnecessary regulation and secondly educate the public why necessary regulation exists.

The only problem with this suggestion is the bureaucracy involved in doing all of this.

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  1. Good idea. It might look a little something like this