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Saturday, 6 October 2012

AQP Nonsense

As part of the government's NHS privatisation plans they have produced a policy called Any Qualified Provider. They "sold" this to the electorate by saying it is "patient choice" it isn't, it is commissioner choice. And what's worse, the government are forcing it upon commissioners by telling them they have to provide at least three community services via AQP.

This is having stupid effects. The Forward Plan for Berkshire Healthcare FT (BHFT, a provider of community health services) says this:
"NHS Berkshire is extending patient choice during 2012 by offering some audiology services and podiatry services through the Any Qualified Provider initiative. Audiology services will be offered from September 2012, and podiatry services in the autumn 2012. BHFT is mitigating the potential loss of business by focussing on enhancing service quality, and patient outcomes and satisfaction levels. The Trust will also apply for AQP status to offer services in new geographical areas where the Trust can offer high quality accessible services with minimal risk."
So BHFT fear that they will lose the income for audiology and podiatry because NHS Berkshire (the commissioners) will use another provider via AQP. Like many NHS organisations they cannot afford to lose this income so they intend to register as an AQP themselves are supply these services elsewhere!

What a load of bollocks this policy is.

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