"The NHS will last as long as there are folk left with the faith to fight for it"
Aneurin Bevan

Sunday, 11 July 2010

The Civil Service Are The Enemy

Well, that appears to be the point of view of the government. This article from the Observer is interesting, though clearly from just one point of view. It is interesting to read the comments. A minority are from the extreme right, the tea party types who think that, as Reagan said "the government is not the solution, it is the problem". We can safely ignore them as being nutters: anarchy (the lack of government) is not a solution. But read some of these comments:


Say goodbye to what was once a country envied throughout the world for its education system, its health system, parliamentary system and democratic state structures and say hello to what will be an empty shell of a country with it's infrastructure in ruins, it's people either destitute or living elsewhere and it's hope and enlightenment gone never to return. Think I'm being sensational and over dramatic - no - just you wait and see the first signs are already there. Last one out turn off the lights - if there are any lights left to turn off.


BTW I understand from a colleague, who attended Civil Service Live that members of the audience walked out when the Deputy Prime Minister gave his speech - interesting times ahead methinks.

This last comment really gets to the nub of the problem:


BTW - Who did you vote for at the General Election? Just asking.....

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