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Aneurin Bevan

Monday, 14 March 2011

Reaction to Lib Dem NHS Motion

Let's have a look at the reaction to the Lib Dem spring conference rebel motion against the government (just joking, we all know that it will be treated as a little local difficulty).

Daily Telegraph: Andrew Lansley signals retreat over NHS reforms.

"Andrew Lansley has signalled a retreat over controversial plans to reform the National Health Service and give more powers to GPs."
But then they say
"Speaking on BBC 1's The Politics Show on Sunday, Mr Lansley said that if the Government could “clarify and amend in order to reassure people” then it would do so."
Clarification and amendments to "reassure people" are hardly a "retreat", it indicates that Lansley will only make minor changes. Nice inflation Telegraph!

The Independent: Coalition may backtrack on NHS reform plans
"The Health Secretary, Andrew Lansley, has signalled that he is preparing to make concessions to his controversial NHS reform programme in the face of growing opposition from doctors, unions and his own Coalition partners."
The Indy are far more cautious, indicating that Lansley will make concessions (ie, he won't admit that he is wrong, but will concede some issues to limit the opposition).
"Privately, senior Lib Dem figures fear that the health reforms could be disastrous to the party's reputation and electoral prospects if they are mishandled."

The party leadership said it would "listen" to activists' views. But Evan Harris, a former party health spokesman, said this was not acceptable. "Listening is not good enough," he said. "We want major changes in policy and significant changes to the bill."
Guardian: NHS reforms face overhaul after Liberal Democrats' rebellion
"The government's plans for a health service shakeup face a radical overhaul after the Liberal Democrat leadership was forced to bow to the strength of a grassroots rebellion fuelled by fear of privatisation and an undue emphasis on competition."
The Guardian are clearly drinking whatever the Telegraph are because they say there will be a "radical overhaul".

The Times: I have no idea, they have a paywall.

So what is the reaction from Number 10?

BBC News: NHS plans will not change significantly: Downing Street

"Downing Street has ruled out "significant changes" to government NHS reforms following their rejection by Liberal Democrat members."
So in other words: not much will change.

Liberal Democrats are not very effective, are they?

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