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Aneurin Bevan

Monday, 6 February 2012

Comments from a "staunch conservative doctor"

The following is a comment on Conservative Home by someone whosays he is a "staunch conservative doctor", TrueBlueDoc:
"There are also specific pathways that are a complete mess - take a look at sexual health. Chlamydia testing will be done by the local authorities. Contraception provided by GPs will be commissioned by the national commissioning board through its primary care commissioning department. Long acting contraception commissioned by the clinical commissioning groups. HIV care and we are back into the National Commissioning Board again, but this time a different department, the Specialised Department. What a mess. With the PCT, the buck stopped with the Accountable Officer and Chief Financial Officer. Ok they were often insufficiently accountable, but at least you could argue that as commissioners of the whole lot their necks were the ones that should be chopped."
If this is a common point of view amongst Conservative doctors then the Bill is dead.

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